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For Your Edification and Enjoyment: Hyperselection of Superduper Photon Matrices

Chillstreams, and Plasma Cosmology/Aryan History/Animu/Goofy Shit

WHAT I WATCH: American--------------------------------- Home Movies Simpsons King of the Hill Frisky Dingo Venture Bros Always Sunny Perry Mason Old Sherlock Holmeys Metalocalypse Sci-fi Thrillers of all kinds


Japanese------------------------------------- 100 diff anime series and OVAs. Not much since 2010 tho. Godzilla (Star/Spectre/Grid/etc)man

Playing the REAL Greenman! Can he save children from lord satan? Also GRIDMAN! BABY DAN DAN....... with nebula75, tochy the battery boy, twizzles, propionic anhydride synth mational kid, and all your favorite shows your dad played for you Sunny on Bitwave Marathon with Creepy Puppet Videos & Chemistry & more MULTIPLEX !!!!!!!!!!

Francis E Dec - All 5 Rants - Additional Readings - Documentary -etc

Aryan History - Secret History - Atlantean Gardens

Georgist Land Reform! History of the 5 City Experiment in Land Reform......

Money as Debt - Suppressed Commercial Redemption Info - Birth Certificates, Admiralty, Liens, etc

Scpaceweather, disaster cycle, plasma, aryan history, linguistics, how to make a widget, and other shit.

TECHNO Thriller Noir Anime Marathon! 90-00s anime, BACKSTORY to GITS, Lain, ROD, and Steins;Gate, 7 Seeds, 009, Area 88, Aquarion Logos, babel ii, Divergence Eve, Divine Gate, DNAA2, Elfen Lied, Fatestay Night, Full Metal Panic(2nd Raid), Gurren Lagann, In Spectre, Japan Sinks, Juden-Chan (al the rest the letters)

(TECHNO Thriller Noirs!(BACKSTORY to GITS, Lain, ROD, and Steins;Gate) 7 Seeds, 009, Area 88, Aquarion Logos, babel ii, DNAA2, Elfen Lied, Fatestay Night, Full Metal Panic(2nd Raid), Gurren Lagann, In Spectre, Japan Sinks, Juden-Chan)

Im just going to add shit to the top here. But stuff I mention further down still exist somewhere maybe.

(WHEN PLAYING 4 VIDS....) I pick 1-3 audios and mash them together until i can sorta hear 2, and can still heard weird shit from 3. I bias Left or Right more towards one vid or the other and usually try to have subs for the 3rd.

(ONE FULLSCREEN or ONE+charts/graphs/maps and shit) Audio should be balanced and normal human audio. If not remind me because I forgot.

(TODAY as of Feb 26) There's zim and home movies in the cartoon corner. kaiju bottom left, b movies of all types top left, science and chemistry survival and the like. Still have a shitload of anime didnt finish still on the back burner. Might watch some. Requests for shit to watch later need a link or be easy to find, and I'll probably add it.

Garth Merenghi's Dark Place, aryan history, norm macdonald, spaceweather, linguistics, spectreman, rand B movies, anime of all kinds available on request.

Lain, Last Exile 1/2, Betterman, Boogiepop Phantom, R.O.D. TV, Noir, Little Blue Sub #6, Abenobashi, are all finished. Ask in chat for replays of any series/ep and when

Mostly 5 episodes at a time with spectreman or ultraman, of photon warrior typeshit in between and a space weather break here and there.

We are doing Aryan History and Solar and Galactic climate forcing later after anime maybe

Have a lot of vids about the magnetic fields excursion, aryan history and its relation, and solar and galactic electromagnetic and particle forcing effects on earth.

2040s-2050s we are going to face the next ripple of plasma riding the galactic current sheet. Last one was 10,000bc. It is a ~25000y cycle which matches the Great Year.

Suspicious Observers is source for most the space weather vids.

Atlantean Gardens supplied the hidden Aryan history. Pulgasari 1985 North Korean movie Blood Golem Eats Iron and Farms

I have Death Race - Future Force - Hardcore Henry - Run Lola and more!

Pyramids! How do they even work? Water and Tesla Hypertech? Maybe!